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The Mexican automotive industry is split between the passenger vehicle sector and heavy vehicles for construction and agriculture. Mexico is the seventh-largest passenger vehicle manufacturer in the world, producing nearly four million cars annually. It is also the fifth-largest auto parts producer worldwide with USD 92 billion in revenues annually and the second-largest export market for U.S. auto parts. Mexico is the fifth-largest manufacturer and exporter for heavy and specialized vehicles and parts in the construction and agriculture industry. 

Established automakers include Audi, Baic Group, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen. Mercedes Benz´s production is in partnership through Nissan-Daimler, Hyundai produces through its partner Kia, and BMW has recenlty built a plant in San Luis Potosi. Together these companies produce more than 40 brands and 500 models. Around 82 percent of the vehicle production is devoted to exports, with the remaining 18 percent destined for the domestic Mexican market. Auto sales have shown consistent growth reaching  over 1.5 million units in 2017. Additionally, sales of electric and specially hybrid vehicles are increasing and expected to continue to grow due to the clean energy requirements mandated by Mexico´s Energy Reform. Nissan is the top seller, followed by General Motors,
Volkswagen, Toyota, FCA Group, Honda, Kia and Ford. These brands represent 78.2 percent of the market in terms of sales.

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Automotive Representation

GSPM Representation Services

The Global Supplier Partner Mexico team is happy to assist you in exploring market opportunities. There are six major sub-sectors in Mexico´s automotive industry: original equipment, aftermarket parts, specialty equipment, remanufactured products and heavy vehicles. Of these six , the major opportunity areas are in the first three. 

The best way for World Wide suppliers of automotive parts and equipment to enter the Mexican market is through local representation or regional distribution. Assembly plants usually prefer geographically closely located suppliers. This enables them to  minimize inventory volumes and to facilitate just-in-time or just-in-sequence deliveries. 

GSPM has a team of experts ready to help and represent your company in national territory. More than 30 years in the automotive sector support our operations and experience in the field. For further information and representation plans reach us a out Contact Lines.